The photography you see here is for the most part high end and high resolution pictures, produced out of 20 – 50 photos each. They called panoramas and best enjoyed by viewing big. These pictures are created that way with an intent – to give possibility of printing out on a really large wall for example or in the full screen mode. Each preview window has a magnifier, use it for the detail scout. 

Local to Stockholm? This is a detailed description of something that happened on your streets once and will never repeat itself. You can easily come back to the photographed places. The people, the actions, the fall of the light on the subjects, the sky, the time itself are not going to hold the same details, though. So, preserving at least some of these moments is a must, right? Not local? Here is good start point. More cities to come soon. 

Alexander Vik

Alexander Vik

Stockholm based city scape and fine art photographer.